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Breastfeeding on holiday!

Today my Mum (MY MUM!) who is super supportive of breastfeeding said to me 'gosh, he's feeding a lot at the moment, isn't he?'

I had a response half way to my lips before my partner replied: 'of course he is! It's hot, he doesn't fancy eating much, and he's teething! Milk's the best thing for him.'

Wow!I hadn't realised how much he'd internalised all these years!

So yes, the heat, the teething, the out of routine while you're on holiday can all be tricky to handle.

I'm finding the easiest thing to do is to roll with it and breastfeed responsively even though at times I really don't want a hot, sweaty body pressed to my own hot, sweaty body!

Short checklist of the best and the worst things about breastfeeding on holiday...


✅Holiday clothing is EXCELLENT for whipping out a boob. I've been flipping out over, under and even sideways and no-one has been bothered because half the time people are nearly naked anyway!

✅It's a great excuse to have a little rest/nap yourself! While you're breastfeeding you're still contributing to the holiday 'parenting' but it's a lot less stressful than other parenting endeavours.

✅If it's too hot to eat, you can be reassured your nursling is getting hydration and sustenance through your milk.

✅Breastfeeding is a top tool for inducing a nap, soothing over-tiredness or just keeping an over-excited toddler from falling off a boat when they want to womble around and everyone is seasick (niche true story!).


❌It can be sooo blooming sweaty! Wear loose natural fabrics and if you're both skin to skin put a light muslin between you to limit the stickiness.

❌Depending on where you're travelling to you might feel anxious or worried about breastfeeding in public. Think about local customs and check up on breastfeeding rights before you go so you are armed with knowledge. However, in a lot of countries, attitudes can be refreshingly unbothered!

❌Nipple ache - don't get lazy with the latch as nipple damage can sometimes occur. Use your own milk to treat if you sustain an injury!

✨What are your best and worsts?!✨

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