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Buy the Seb the series children's books direct from the author. 

Book Reviews

Now that 'Seb' is out in the world, we've been receiving some truly wonderful reviews!
Nurtured Postpartum & Beyond is based in New Zealand and provides doula care, parental support, respectful routines and sleep care.

Her wonderful blog about the book can be accessed in full  here.

"In times of transition, just like adults, children thrive when they are supported to understand how and why a transition is going to take place.  It is so important that children’s feelings are validated and they are comforted so that they can feel safe as this sets up an environment of success.  I love how this book highlights the importance of this concept throughout for both the adult and the child.

Story books have power to aid in the child’s developing understandings of the world, and will help them process how they are feeling and how they could respond.  As the author mentions in the preamble before the story begins, this book isn’t a magic bullet for easy breastfeeding weaning but it will help you introduce the concept of ending breastfeeding with your child in a gentle and responsive way.

If you are soon to navigate ending breastfeeding your toddler, then this book is certainly a book that you should have in your toolkit!"

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Learn more about the narrative with this author narrated trailer!
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