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A big change for Seb

Seb is a breastfed toddler who is not so sure he wants Mummy’s milk to stop!  

A wonderful and colourful children's picture book story, written with love and based upon real life, that introduces tips and ideas to help

gently wean toddler age children

from breastfeeding.

A breastfed toddler's weaning story

Babies and toddlers breastfeed for many different reasons other than nourishment.


'A big change for Seb'  includes various scenarios including Seb's need for comfort whilst experiencing new situations at the park. 


This is sometimes why stopping your breastfeeding journey can feel so complex and confusing as it’s not always as easy as getting them onto solids and simply stopping!


Seb needs to learn how to find comfort from his parents in other ways as he navigates this big change.

This children's picture book story helps communicate with toddlers in a fun and engaging way - with loads of tips for adults too!

We ship anywhere in the world!  Click through to see further information.

Looking to get started on your weaning journey but not sure where to start?

My gentle weaning guide contains tons of strategies for both day and night weaning as well as emotional support for you and your toddler!  It's available here as a PDF download.  Use with 'A big change for Seb' to benefit from prompting questions and discussion points to allow you to have valuable weaning chats with your child.

About Emily, the author

Currently training as a Certified Lactation Counselor® (CLC®) with Childbirth International and having breastfed both my sons, I’ve seen and experienced my fair share of breastfeeding trauma!  

- Food (and wine) inadvertently dropped on my babies whilst both of us were feeding? √ 
- Squirted a member of the public with a particularly ferocious letdown on a train? √
- Desperate attempts to get my 2 year old to consider not breastfeeding 17,000 times a day? √


Once we’d got past the engorgement, cracked nipples, and pumping dramas, I found that breastfeeding turned into our failsafe solution for sleep, comfort and everything in between…which made deciding to stop emotionally and logistically difficult!

‘A big change for Seb’ children's picture book is not intended as a magic bullet but it will help you introduce the idea of ending breastfeeding through the narrative of a toddler who is starting to gain independence in other areas of his life.  

I wish Seb and his story had existed when I was trying to stop feeding the first time round. I hope it helps many more of you and would love to hear about your individual journeys on my social media.

Emily x x

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